DO NOT MAKE ANY PLANS or RESERVATIONS for the 16th Annual Dragonfest!!! We are currently on hold!

Dragonfest on hold.

Please do not make any reservations or hotel bookings. Dragonfest is currently on hold for 2021. In Los Angeles, we are still in lock down mode and even though things are lightening up, we don’t know if the location will be available for crowds or if we will get enough sponsors to hold the event. We will wait till some time in May 2021 to find out our status. Again, please do not reserve your vacation or hotel stay. We have penciled in Aug. 21, but again, we don’t know.

Dragonfest is a charity event. 100 percent of all proceeds goes to help the Martial Arts History Museum acquire a larger location. Your sponsorship will help tremendously, plus, you will receive a ton of great benefits to push your products or services. It’s not as expensive as you think. Email us and we’ll set it up.