Welcome vendors to Dragonfest. It’s that time provide you with as much info as possible to be prepared for the greatest martial arts convention ever. Through this page, we will provide you with the details you will need to set up and get your booth ready. NOTE: The vendors booths will be both Saturday and Sunday. We are only offering booths to those who can make both days only.

SPECIAL NOTE: This year, there will be 2 days of vendors booths. We are only extending booths out to those who can make booth days. If you cannot make both days, please do not request a booth.

1. Arrival time: Friday, August 21, 2020 – 8 pm to 11 pm
Arrival time: Saturday, August 22, 2018 – 8 am to 9:45 am

2. Forms: Every vendor MUST fill out the vendor form attached, if even you did it last year. You will not be mailed your tickets until we receive it. It is required for entrance. PLEASE EMAIL TO THIS ADDRESS ONLY (Do not text this form, do not fb text this form, it must be to that email address only).

3. Tickets: Upon the receipt of the vendor form, we will mail every vendor 2 (two) tickets only. Please don’t ask for more, this is a charity event.

4. Electricity: I need to know immediately if you need electricity. Cost is $25 payable in cash at the event to the convention center.

5. Parking: There are 3 lots to parking in. Plenty of room. There is no charge for parking.

6. Additional People: You must have your ticket to get into Dragonfest period. We will not be allowing anyone without a ticket in. Even if someone came to help you, they need to purchase their ticket. No exceptions.

7. Press: Sorry, we no longer give our press passes. We have had too many people come in and never do the story on us. It has been abused too much so don’t ask for one.

8. Lastly. I don’t argue with anyone and I don’t respond to yelling. You might as well be talking to a wall. I won’t help you. And be nice to my staff. My wife is handling your entrance and my students are helping out. Be nice to them. If not, we won’t ever let you back in, period. Don’t be rude.