Welcome to Dragonfest!!!

Coming this August 25, 26 2018 is the 14th ANNUAL DRAGONFEST expo! This year you will enjoy stars from the old Shaw Brothers movies, martial arts celebrities, historical icons, fun products to buy, martial arts toys, Asian cultural items, samurai swords, meet cosplayers and enjoy a full day of cultural performances such as Hula Dancing, Japanese Taiko, Chinese Lion Dancing and so much more!!! This event is a charity so 100 percent of the proceeds goes to benefit the Martial Arts History Museum.

Southern California has more martial arts schools than the entire United States of America. There are over 30,000 known martial arts schools across the nation and most of them are in the Los Angeles, Orange county and San Fernando Valley. Dragonfest is a great opportunity to show product to the biggest martial arts market. Your booth purchase would also be considered a donation to the Martial Arts History Museum as we are a non-profit organization. Learn how to get your booth today! We ran out of booth space last year so request a booth early!

Dragonfest is a charity event. 100 percent of all proceeds goes to help the Martial Arts History Museum acquire a larger location. Your sponsorship will help tremendously, plus, you will receive a ton of great benefits to push your products or services. It’s not as expensive as you think. Email us and we’ll set it up.