Welcome to the 16th Annual Dragonfest!!!

Yes, the Martial Arts History Museum is proud to host it’s the 16th Annual DRAGONFEST EXPO. Without a doubt, it is the greatest, the most popular, the most star-studded, and the biggest reunion of martial arts icons, pioneers, founders and significant achievers. With over 3,000 visitors, Dragonfest is considered the ComicCon of the martial arts community. With close to 200 vendor booths which include martial arts products, toys, Asian items, DVDs, vintage magazines, the expo attracts visitors from all over the world!!! A CHARITY EVENT! 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to the Martial Arts History Museum.

Each year Dragonfest continues to grow and grow by leaps and bounds. Expecting over 4,000 guests this year, Dragonfest will expand into the next ballroom. This means more booths and better yet, we will be offering larger booths for a very low cost. Last year we were covered live by Channel 5 News and Channel 11 News, now is the opportunity to get your booth. As we do every year, we bring in the artists from Disney, Dreamworks, The Simpsons and so many more. Booth is tax-deductible since we are a 501c3 charity. Don’t miss out!

Dragonfest is a charity event. 100 percent of all proceeds goes to help the Martial Arts History Museum acquire a larger location. Your sponsorship will help tremendously, plus, you will receive a ton of great benefits to push your products or services. It’s not as expensive as you think. Email us and we’ll set it up.